Guitarist • Composer • Performer

“Reentko tells us stories in his music – 
stories of places distant as well as those deep within us.
And he is an outstanding storyteller.”


He's absolutely great!
Al di Meola
A wonderful soul, a unique musician. He is a magician.
Giora Feidman
Reentko is a wonderful musician, and a real joy to anyone given the opportunity to engage in a musical project with him. His creativity and range of expression are highly inspirational and captivating.For me, however, it is the remarkable way in which he strikes a perfect balance between action and reaction that is of particular note. He always gives himself completely to the achievement of this balance, yet never loses track of the intentions of the ensemble members around him. And such an ability is rare, very rare.
Thomas Fellow




Jan 17th: Dresden, Kino Schauburg: Das Betreute Singen (with Demian Kappenstein)


Feb 3rd: Gütersloh/WDR (with Masaa)

Feb 17th: Chios (GRE) with Masaa

Feb 21st: Dresden, Kino Schauburg: Das Betreute Singen (with Demian Kappenstein)


March 4th: Giengen, Guitar Festival (with Erkin Cavus)

March 9th: Essen, Schloss Borbeck (with Masaa)

March 10th: Lörrach, Burghof (with Masaa)

March 11th: Offenbach, Reithalle (with Masaa)

March 14th: Dresden, Kino Schauburg: Das Betreute Singen (with Demian Kappenstein)

March 23rd: Mindelheim, Jazz-ISCH (with Masaa)

March 24th: Kraichtal, Int. Jazzfestival (with Masaa)

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