Planet Kalkan



Erkin Cavus and Reentko Dirks

“One of the most innovative duos today,“ was the verdict of guitar legend Erkan Ogur regarding the Turkish-German duo Kalkan, which was founded by Erkin Cavus and Reentko Dirks in 2006. Kalkan has a very special musical language, which captivates the listener from the first note, constructs landscapes of sound and depth and creates its very own musical cosmos. It’s a language that reaches way beyond the limits of the guitar and exploits the instrument as a universal resonating body. The native Istanbul artist Erkin Cavus and the “northern” Reentko Dirks met during their studies of the acoustic guitar in Dresden and they come together right between their musical realms: world music, ancient Turkish melodies, jazz and film music are just some of the elements that join up to form a thrilling world of sound in Kalkan’s music. The Kalkan duo have written film soundtracks and been awarded prizes at international festivals.

Track list:
Jerusalem Syndrome
Love Theme Cinema Paradiso
Yogi Tea
Yüksek Yüksek Tepeler
No Quarter
Nihavent Longa
Ah Bir Atas Ver

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