Collateral Flow (Vinyl)


Clemens Christian Poetzsch & Reentko Dirks

“I love writing and composing music for solo piano – besides, an essential part for me is to exchange ideas with other musicians, to make music together, and to inspire each other.

One of these musicians is Reentko Dirks, a unique guitarist and good friend.

I love his warm and distinctive way of handling the guitar and admire his music, which has taken him to many stages worldwide (such as Carnegie Hall).

We’ve collaborated for years on film music projects – besides this work, we have always exchanged ideas, written new music specifically for guitar and piano, and brought some of our compositions into this sonic universe.

And at some point, the idea for this album emerged from this interplay, which took place on the side.

Unexpectedly beautiful things often happen on a journey. They can’t be planned; they just happen, and you just have to capture them. That’s why this joint album will be called ‘Collateral Flow’, and you can listen to the first single ‘Tidewater’ today.”

– Clemens Christian Poetzsch


Track list:
1. Riverine
2. Reflexion
3. Tidewater
4. Kleines Silber
5. La Bicicleta Roja
6. Veer
7. Pendulum

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