Planet Kalkan

1. Jerusalem Syndrom
2. Demian
3. Tides
4. Fall
5. Bedouin Android
6. Marionettes
7. Because
8. Haunting
9. Lullabye


Erkin Cavus - Guitar / Pecussion
Reentko Dirks - Guitar / Percussion

The “Kalkan” duo - Reentko Dirks and Erkin Cavus - have received international awards for their music for the award-winning documentary “Dreigestirn der Moderne”.
Cavus works in his cultural homeland of Turkey with some of its most noted orchestras and artists, such as the Bursa Symphony Orchestra and guitar icon Erikan Ogur. Furthermore, he is one of the most outstanding players of the fretless guitar - an instrument he also plays in the duo.
Work on the duo’s debut CD “Planet Kalkan” has nearly finished, with the CD due to be released in 2008.
EUR 18,00

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